Our contract filling services

At ESI we have extensive experience, and widespread contacts within the manufacturing sector, to ensure that we can offer a reliable and competitive contract filling service on a wide range of personal care and household products.

This service usually involves manufacturing in the UK. Despire recent trends towards manufacturing in China and other parts of the Far East, the UK remains capable of producing high quality goods at competitive prices, and often within delivery lead times that are better than the Far East.

ESI have worked with a number of partners in the Middle East over the years to produce aerosol products (airfresheners/bodysprays/household products); roll-on deodorants, skincare products and several other lines.

We can manage a project from start to finish. Given a satisfactory brief by the customer we can put together product designs; we can recommend and source packaging and we can provide quality formulations for whatever product is required. We will work with the client to ensure the project is tailored as close as possible to his needs.

So, if you are considering development of an own label product range which involves aerosol or liquid products, then let us manage the project for you to ensure delivery of exactly what you were hoping for.